About us

Founded in 2010 by a dynamic team of engineers and researchers, Avant Garde Solutions is a research firm dedicated to delivering customized, quality research-based solutions to organizations, businesses, and entrepreneurs. We take pride in our strong work ethic and have consistently provided robust services using cutting-edge technologies to assist managers and decision-makers in making informed choices.

Our comprehensive market and social research services are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. By employing a mix of research tools, including quantitative and qualitative methods, we gather reliable data to offer profound insights into consumers, markets, and society, facilitating sustainable growth for our valued clients.

At Avant Garde Solutions, our team comprises specialists from diverse fields, including dedicated researchers, practitioners, academicians, market specialists, and IT professionals. Collaborating with external consultants, entrepreneurs, technical experts, and industrialists, we ensure a holistic approach. Additionally, we have a dedicated and experienced field team spread all over Nepal.


To be the preferred research firm, providing creative and innovative solutions in a consistent manner


To help our clients with quality data and enriching insights for their sustainable performance and better growth prospects through a customer-centric approach.

Core Values

INTEGRITY: Consistent quality service

KNOWLEDGE GENERATION: Develop unique knowledge through research

TRUST: Confidence to deliver innovative services

COLLABORATION: A culture of knowledge sharing

Our main services include the following:

      Market Research Services

      Social Research Services

I am extremely impressed with your complete report and the supporting documents. Very good job done by your dedicated team.

Mr. Anil Kumar PS | Avant Garde Solutions
Mr. Anil Kumar PS
Business Head Kurlon Enterprise Limited, India

I am immensely thankful to Avant for providing the training program which helped groom our team for the upcoming challenges in the industry.

Pratima Pradhan | Avant Garde Solutions
Pratima Pradhan
Director Nepal Telecom