Avant Garde Solutions generates infographics on periodic industry- specific syndicated data for industries with high demand and competition like smartphone, cement, steel, automobile industry. Likewise, the organization concluded the first phase of data generation for the smartphone industry. Thus, the following infographics, pictures and charts depict a brief glimpse of the data obtained from the results.

Awareness and Knowledge on Climate Change

Sample Size: 443
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Sample Collection Date: 13th August - 10th September 2023
Methodology: Face-to-Face Interview

News Consumption: Preferred Medias

Sample Size: 819
Location: Thirty-two districts
Sample Collection Date: 15th December 2022 - 8th January 2023
Methodology: Face-to-Face Interview

Outdoor Sign Board

Sample Size: 100 retail stores (grocery and liquor)
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Methodology: Face-to-Face Interview

Consumer Survey on Smartphones in Nepal

Sample size: 542
Location: Kathmandu Valley
Methodology: Face to Face Interview