Quantitative Research Qualitative Research



A survey method that uses electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones to collect data from survey respondents.

In this method, the interviewer uses an electronic questionnaire to ask questions, and the answers are recorded directly into the device.


A survey method that uses computer software to conduct phone interviews with survey respondents.

In this method interviewers reads the questions from a computer screen and enters the respondents’ answers directly into the software.


A survey method that uses online tools to collect data from survey respondents.

In this method, the questionnaire is posted on a website or sent via email to the respondents, who can then complete the survey at their own convenience.


A traditional form of conducting interviews where the interviewer prepares a set of questions on paper, and the interviewee provides written responses.

Does not involve direct verbal communication between the interviewer and the interviewee.

Central Location Test (CLT)

A market research technique used to evaluate consumer response to a product or concept in a controlled environment.

It involves brining participants to a central location, typically a research facility, where they can interact with the product or concept and provide feedback.



In-depth Interviews

A qualitative research technique used to gather detailed and rich information about a specific topic or subject of interest.

Involves one-on-one interviews with participants, allowing them to express their thoughts, opinions and experiences in depth.

Focus Group Discussion

A qualitative research method that involves a small group of participants engaging in a guided discussion facilitated by a moderator.

Purpose of FGD is to explore participants’ opinions, perceptions, attitudes and experiences related to a specific topic of interest.

Mystery Shopping 

A research technique used to assess and evaluate the quality of service and customer experience in retail stores, restaurants, hotels or other types of businesses.

It involves individuals, known as mystery shoppers or secret shoppers, who pose as regular customers and interact with employees to evaluate various aspects of the customer experience.


A research method that involves systematically watching and recording behaviors, events, or phenomena in their natural setting.

It is a way of gathering data by directly observing and documenting what is happening without interfering or manipulating the situation.


A qualitative research methodology involves the systematic study and description of a specific culture or social group.

It is an in-depth approach to understanding the beliefs, behaviors, practices, and social dynamics of a community or group of people.