Business and Management Consultancy Services

Avant Garde Solutions provides quality management and business services to our clients to achieve sustainable performance and better growth prospects by addressing their changing needs. We provide a full range of services from new business development, financial and strategic planning and enterprise development. We support our clients to reinvent their businesses based on research, market knowledge, and expertise.

Some of our focus areas on business and management consultancy services are:

  • New Enterprise Creation and Startup
  • Enterprise Development
  • Enterprise Expansion and Growth
  • Business Feasibility Studies
  • Business & Strategic Plan
  • Financial and Marketing Plan
  • Business Model Development
  • Strategies and Planning for Start-ups
  • Marketing Plans Formation
  • Marketing Communication and Branding
  • Business Due Diligence
  • Monitoring and Supervision
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Digital Marketing

I am immensely thankful to Avant for providing the training program which helped groom our team for the upcoming challenges in the industry.

Nepal Telecom Headquarter
Pratima Pradhan
Director, Nepal Telecom

Avant Garde team is easy to work with as they understand our requirements. The suggestions provided by Avant Garde have always been valuable for us in making the right decisions.

Santosh Sharma - Consultant
Santosh Sharma
Acting Country Director, Mission East